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After nine months,
I gave birth to you my precious jewel,
You were my morning and my night,
You were like the star that shineth in darkness,
The moon that chased away all my darkness,
I brought you to the world in pain,
I believed bearing you would erased my sorrows,

I believed in the future you would bring to me,
I believed that with you all would be well,
I toiled day and night to mold you,
I worked to see us survive.
The joy of my motherhood was to see you survive,
The joy of my motherhood was to see you break-forth in storm
Would I have thought you could ever leave me soon?
So soon, you are leaving me behind.
I never imagined you would leave without me,
Leaving before me is like a danger unleashed,
I was never ready for this pain,
Neither, was I ready to be left in distress.
Where is the joy of my motherhood?
Where is the joy of being a mother?
I brought you to the world in pains,
And, in pains you left me behind.
My Jewel!


Photo Credit: Creative Writers Group (Facebook Group) Writing Prompt.

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